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The Achenbach Medal

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The Achenbach Medal has been created to recognize a young individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the field of Structural Health Monitoring. Every year only one individual will be selected for this honor.

I. Eligibility
The Achenbach medal will be awarded to a young researcher who has graduated within 10 years of Ph.D. and has made outstanding research contribution in the field of Structural Health Monitoring.

II. Nomination procedure
It is an international award and nominations from all over the world are encouraged. For the nomination of 2021 award, please send by May 1, 2021, a nomination letter (one-page limit) emphasizing the basis of the nomination along with a 2-page long CV of the nominee that should contain the summary of his/her publication and citation records to Professor Tribikram Kundu ( A separate list of the publication record is recommended. Self-nominations are not permitted. Please note that the deadline for the nomination of the 2020 award is May 1, 2021.

III. Award Committee
A selection committee consisting of internationally renowned experts in the field of Structural Health Monitoring was formed at the IWSHM 2009. The chairperson of the committee is Professor Tribikram Kundu from the University of Arizona.

IV. Award Presentation
The award will be presented at the IWSHM 2021.

Chairman of the Award Committee:
Prof. Tribikram Kundu
Department of Civil & Architectural Engineering & Mechanics
The University of Arizona at Tucson

List of past recipients

2010: Sourav Banerjee, University of South Carolina
2011: Andrei N. Zagrai, New Mexico Technological University
2012: Piero Rizzo, University of Pittsburgh
2013: Kenneth J. Loh, University of California Davis
2014: Salvatore Salamone, University at Buffalo
2015: Eric B. Flynn, Los Alamos National Laboratory
2016: Frederic Cegla, Imperial College, UK
2017: Yang Wang​, Georgia Tech
2019: Elizabeth Jane Cross, University of Sheffield